What are the main gender issues?

QuestionsCategory: Gender, School and SocietyWhat are the main gender issues?
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 Gender Issues Existing in the Curriculum

Gender Issues Existing in the Curriculum

Some gender issues existing in the curriculum are as follows:

Use of ‘He’

Every time there is a sentence in a book whose gender is unspecified, the word normally used is ‘he’ rather than she. Even in the word ‘mankind’, it is the man who is involved instead of labeling it as ‘humankind’. Therefore, the notion that man should come first is still prevalent.  

Sport Activities

Girls are often encouraged to play sports like badminton or volleyball while boys are encouraged to play football, cricket, or basketball so that they can prepare for their roles in adulthood.

Preference for School subjects

Gender construct exists in school subjects too where boys are thought to be more capable of studying science subjects related to technology while girls are seen to be more apt for arts.


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