QuestionsCategory: Pedagogy of EnglishWhat are the four skills and how are they useful in language learning?
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Four Basic Language Skills The four basic skills that need to be developed when learning the English language along with the importance are as follows:


Learners first listen to the spoken language when they are learning a language. The main functions of listening skills are:
  • Receiving message
  • Constructing meaning from it
  • Responding to (spoken/non-verbal) messages.


Once they start listening, they start repeating what they hear and start speaking it. It can enhance communication skills as well as personality development.


After listening and speaking, learners eventually start reading the symbolically depicted language. It enhances the comprehension level as well as aptitude skills.


At last, learners start reproducing what they have heard, spoken, and read in the written form. It can give a way to the thoughts, imagination as well as the spontaneous overflow of ideas which can be preserved for a long time. Read More>>> Read Complete course>>>