QuestionsCategory: Childhood and Growing UpWhat are the five principles of human development and their educational implications?
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    1. To Understand the Child Problems: The knowledge of these principles of growth and development provides a chance for the teacher to understand the kind of problems a student can have which can assist in the academic as well as in the personality development of the child.
    2. To Understand the Individual Difference: If a teacher would be knowing these principles of growth and development, the teacher can consider the Individual Difference. Individual Difference in Education is information that provides a deeper understanding of what each child needs to be successful in school. It assists the teacher while assessing the child’s performance in the class.
    3. To Choose the Appropriate Teaching Methods: The knowledge of these principles of growth and development can help the teacher to choose an appropriate way of teaching method as well as teaching aids to be used in the classroom for the betterment of a children’s development.
    4. Assists in Classroom Environment: If a Teacher would know the principles of growth and development then the teacher would provide a free environment in the classroom which can assist the student to feel free to ask any doubt and have any discussion in the classroom.
    5. Useful in the Organization of Various School Activities: Not only that, school can also take advantage of these principles of growth and development through which various activities and organizations will be held in the accordance of the students’ requirement.

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