QuestionsCategory: Sociological Foundation of EducationWhat are the different school programmes that can be organised for values?
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i. Social service clubs   Schools should have different social service clubs to do something good for the society and the people. Educational institutions should inculcate the habit of doing social service in children from a young age. Social services teach students to be responsible citizens of the society. It makes students understand the value of serving others and helps them develop self-discipline and critical thinking skills. Participating in social services makes children good citizens and provides an opportunity to build relationships with others in the community.   ii. Co-curricular activities   These activities help in the development of moral and social values. Activities like dramas, book clubs, essay writing, debates, poetry recitation and sports can also be associated with teaching values to children.   iii. Promoting diversity through programmes   Celebration of different religious festivals will be helpful in developing essential values in children. Values teach students the tolerance and respect of different cultures and religious faiths. Read more >>>