What are the aims of educational philosophy of John Dewey?

QuestionsCategory: Educational StudiesWhat are the aims of educational philosophy of John Dewey?
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John Dewey believed education was necessary for society. He felt that education should be about social interactions and freedom of participation in the classroom for it to be effective. It wasn’t about transmitting information to the students but teaching them the methods of acquiring information for themselves. John Dewey’s main aim was to make educational learning such that it helps in the development of humans. His other aims were:  
  • i). Actual learning is done by practising. Dewey believed that experience is education.
  • ii). Education should consist of both theory and practical. The learnings should be connected with the real world.
  • iii). There should be social interaction and activities in the classroom and not just limited to teaching.
  • iv). According to John Dewey, education is not about preparing one for their future but for the present.
  • v). The human mind and society should keep changing and advancing with time for good.
  • vi). Enhancing learning with the interests of the students and making it active learning.
  John Dewey has been very influential in progressive education. He changed the system of education to bring out the best potential of individuals and help in their development. Read More >>>