QuestionsCategory: Educational StudiesWhat are the aim of education according to Mahatma Gandhi?
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Mahatma Gandhi did not consider just literacy as education. For him, literacy was only one of the means of educating people. Gandhi was a devotee of idealism and wanted Gandhi has divided the aims of education into two categories:  
  • I). Immediate Aim : This aim includes:
  1. a. Vocational Aim
  2. b. Cultural Aim
  3. c. Character Aim
  4. d. Perfect Development Aim
  5. e. Liberation Aim
  6. f. Dignity of Labour
  7. g. Training for Leadership
  8. h. Social and Individual Aim
  • II).  Ultimate Aim
  1. Gandhiji believed that the ultimate aim of education is to realize God through self-realization. 
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