What are the advantages and disadvantages of interdisciplinary approach?

QuestionsCategory: Educational StudiesWhat are the advantages and disadvantages of interdisciplinary approach?
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Introduction Today, we have so many social problems that their solution is not possible in one discipline, therefore, the interaction between different disciplines is needed to solve this problem. This interaction between two or more disciplines is called an interdisciplinary approach. Advantages of Interdisciplinary approach of education
  • Through an interdisciplinary approach, students can make connections between disciplines in education and see the correlation which improves overall learning.
    Education is a process of human development as well as an independent field of study or discipline. Most of the content of education is the result of an interdisciplinary approach. 
  • It E has a unique educational approach that allows students to learn and explore distinct subjects or curricula from various disciplines.
    Education is not limited to a particular discipline. It is a curriculum integration that highlights the diverse perspectives that different disciplines can bring.
  • Education and Philosophy
  • Education and Psychology
  • Education and Anthropology
  • Education and Sociology
Disadvantages of Interdisciplinary Approach 
  • It can confuse the students to correlate the various disciplines for the proper usage in practical life.
  • The students can feel overwhelmed with the knowledge and facts of various disciplines amalgamation which can further make them hard to memorise. 

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