QuestionsCategory: Childhood and Growing UpWhat are some classroom and learning activities that can help improve cognitive development in children?
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The cognitive development activities that can be incorporated in classroom and learning are as follows:

    1. Reading is undoubtedly the most helpful activity that enhances cognitive development in a child. It helps them to expand their vocabulary, improve their concentration, and increase their attention span.
    2. Singing rhymes is a joyful activity for children but it can also promote cognitive development. Singing rhymes help children to develop language patterns and improve their vocabulary.
    3. The best way to promote cognitive development in children is to encourage them to talk more so that they can put whatever they have heard and learned to use.
    4. Drawing is another fun activity that keeps children engrossed in what they are doing. It helps them to increase their attention span and their concentration. It also allows them to boost their creativity.
    5. Encouraging children to make crafts allows them to channel their creativity and think in an innovative manner which helps them to achieve cognitive development.

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