QuestionsCategory: Pedagogy of EnglishWhat are philosophical contribution of Sri Aurobindo to the field of education?
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  1. Aurobindo’s contributions to the field of education is immense and can be classified in two ways: First, he gave a new dimension to the concept of “education” by making it not only about learning but also about self-realization.
  2. The term “education” was used before Aurobindo to mean learning.
  3. The concept of education as an integral part of the spiritual evolution of man was coined by Aurobindo.
  4. Secondly, he revolutionized the field of education by bringing in the concept of integral education.
  5. He believed that the entire field of education should be integrated into the process of spiritual evolution.
  6. Integral Education is a new concept introduced by Sri Aurobindo. It involves the integration of all the various aspects of human life including physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.
  7. Integral education includes the complete development of every aspect of human being.
  8. Sri Aurobindo was the first to give a comprehensive definition of integral education in his book “The Synthesis of Yoga”.
  9. He wrote that integral education is “the development of the whole man in the context of the whole universe.