Point out five psychological factors that influence child development.

QuestionsCategory: Childhood and Growing UpPoint out five psychological factors that influence child development.
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The psychological factors that influence child development are as follows:
  1. Motivation: Children need to be motivated a lot for them to perform and develop skills effectively. It is important to motivate children to learn new things and try new experiences.
  2. Learning: Learning is a continuous and lifelong process. It enables children to learn new knowledge, skills, and abilities which turns them into better individuals.
  3. Perception: The way children grow up is largely dependent on how they perceive the world. Hence, it is important to raise children in an environment that encourages a positive perception of the world.
  4. Beliefs: Children grow up with certain beliefs around the world and the way they believe the world to be can determine their individuality.
  5. Family Environment: The family environment a child is raised in is an important psychological factor as it helps them develop mentally accordingly.
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