QuestionsCategory: Learning and TeachingMention the educational implications of constructivism learning theory of Jean Piaget.
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The constructivist learning theory is applied in the classroom as follows:  
  1. Learner is Active: In constructivism, learners play an active role since they have to construct knowledge based on their past knowledge and new experiences.
  2. Culture is Important: Culture plays an influential role in constructivism because the experiences and beliefs of learners are formed by the culture he or she is raised in.
  3. Society is Important: Society is another influential factor in constructivism because children’s social interactions are formed by society.
  4. Teachers are Facilitators: According to the constructivism theory, teachers should take the role of facilitators and facilitate the development of learners instead of being people who simply teach.
  5. Experiences are Important: Experiences play an important role in constructivism theory of learning because learners need to form new knowledge based on their old experiences.
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