How does gender affect the development of a child?

QuestionsCategory: Gender, School and SocietyHow does gender affect the development of a child?
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  • It has been analyzed that girls grow faster than male children. Hence, the gender factor also determines a child’s growth as well as development.
  • Gender is one of the most common ways of organizing the social life of human beings.
  • Parents assume boys and girls to be different ever since infancy. In the 1970s, the feminists viewed can the notion of gender as a ‘construct’.
  • Hence, Gender can be regarded as a socially constructed concept used to differentiate men and women and assign them different roles and responsibilities, and so on.
  • The differentiation of roles between men and women may lead individuals to feel pressured as they may not be able to do things according to their personal preferences.
  • In many professional fields, there is a huge pay gap between men and women. Even when they may be doing the same work, men get paid more.
  • This can cause frustration among women and for a long time, there has been a demand for equal pay.
  • In their work field, men are the more popular choice when it comes to promotions than women.
  • This leads women to not get paid for their worth and to ensure equality the government must develop facilities that can offer equal treatment to individuals of all genders.
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