How do you develop four language skills among students?

QuestionsCategory: Pedagogy of EnglishHow do you develop four language skills among students?
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Four Basic Language Skills


Learners first listen to the spoken language when they are learning a language. The main functions of listening skills are:
  • Receiving message
  • Constructing meaning from it
  • Responding to (spoken/non-verbal) messages.
Listening skills can be developed with the help of audio, interviews, and various activities such as watching videos with subtitles.


Once they start listening, they start repeating what they hear and start speaking it. Speaking can be enhanced by speaking interviews, class speaking, role plays, and other fun speaking activities such as asking short questions related to hobbies and interests as well as debates.


After listening and speaking, learners eventually start reading the symbolically depicted language. Reading skills can be facilitated by reading newspapers aloud in the classroom with a pronunciation correction lectures. It can also be enhanced with reading comprehension passages. 


At last, learners start reproducing what they have heard, spoken, and read in the written form. Writing should be taught after teaching reading skills because it needs the proper identification of alphabets, words, and sentences. It should be taught after teaching grammar structure and rules of the language to produce refined sentences.
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