QuestionsCategory: Sociological Foundation of EducationGive the definition of Nationalism and Secularism by different authors.
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  Nationalism   Anthony Smith stated nationalism as “an ideological movement for attaining and maintaining autonomy, unity and identity for a population which some of its members deem to constitute an actual or potential “nation” (Smith, 2001).”   According to Hans Kohn, “Nationalism is a state of mind, in which the supreme loyalty of the individual is felt to be due to the nation-state (Kohn, 1965).”   Secularism   According to Jim Herrick, “Secularism in the largest sense means that people do not refer to religion to make decisions, to adopt policies, to run their lives, to order their relationships, or to impel their activities”.    Donald E. Smith stated, “The secular State is a State which guarantees individual and corporate freedom of religion, deals with the individual as a citizen irrespective of his religion, is not constitutionally connected to a particular religion, nor does it seek to promote or interfere with religion. Read more >>>