QuestionsCategory: Childhood and Growing UpExplain the factors that play a key role in influencing cognitive development during childhood.
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The factors that affect the cognitive development during childhood are as follows:
  1. A child belonging to a good socio-economic background is likely to gain better educational attainment than someone who comes from a poor socio-economic background.
  2. Environment plays a key role in influencing the cognitive development of an individual. To ensure proper cognitive development in children, a motivating and encouraging environment is necessary. 
  3. Piaget believes that the experiences children witness in the physical and real world has a major influence in their cognitive development.
  4. Nutrition plays an important role in affecting cognitive development. A nutritious and balanced diet is required to ensure the proper development of a child’s cognitive skills.
  5. The learning environment and opportunities a child is surrounded with can have a major influence in their cognitive development. A child who is given learning opportunities from an early age can reach milestones sooner.
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