QuestionsCategory: Childhood and Growing UpDevelopment, maturation, growth, and learning are closely related terms. Elaborate this statement.
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Growth, development, maturation, and learning are closely related topics. Growth refers to the increase in size. It is the process of something growing. It is a physical and quantifiable process. For example, an increase in your height or weight. Development refers to the process of developing or evolution. For example, the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. Maturation refers to the process of becoming mature over time and reaching the full phase of development. For example, having a career when you turn into an adult. Learning refers to the acquisition of new skills and knowledge. Although the concepts of growth, development, maturation, and learning are different, they are interconnected and are only effective in the presence of one another. The growth of the body is important for determining your behavioral pattern. Normal growth is important for the normal development of behavior. This will help in proper brain development which will foster learning and therefore, help one to attain maturation.   Read Full Lesson: Inter-relation Between Development, Growth, Maturation and Learning