Describe the different kind of learning environments?

QuestionsCategory: Childhood and Growing UpDescribe the different kind of learning environments?
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There are four types of learning environments which are as follows:
  1. Learner-centered environment: As the name suggests, learner-centered environment focuses on learners. Learning is based on the cultural and conceptual knowledge of the students. There is a lot of discussion and prior knowledge plays an important role. The teacher enhances this knowledge with new knowledge.
  2. Knowledge-centered environment: This learning environment involves deep learning where students are encouraged to move beyond rote learning. This learning environment focuses on gaining deeper insight about things and problem solving is used for the learning process.
  3. Assessment-centered environment: In assessment-centered learning, feedback to learning is emphasised. Class assessment is required to learn about the progress of the learner and this also helps learners to revise what they have learned.
  4. Community-centered learning: Community-centered learning encourages collaboration in learners. In this learning environment, meaningful community engagement is encouraged and integrated with information. Instructors can use the education assets of communities to enhance the learning process.