QuestionsCategory: Learning and TeachingBriefly explain Pavlov’s classical conditioning theory of child development.
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Ivan Pavlov was a Russian psychologist who discovered the classical conditioning theory which means learning through association. The process involves two stimuli which are linked to arouse a response from a person or an animal which is learned. Pavlov conducted his experiments mostly on dogs who were known to salivate as a response to a bell. Each time the dog heard the bell ring, the dog was fed due to which it started associating the sound of the bell with the image of food. Firstly, he produced a sound of a bell to which the dog did not respond, which was a neutral response. Following this, he gave them food (unconditioned stimulus) and they salivated (unconditioned response). He started feeding the dogs with the sound of a bell repeatedly and after some repetitions, the dog started salivating every time they heard the sound of a bell. The bell became the conditioned stimulus and the salivation became the conditioned response.   Read Full Lesson: Pavlov’s classical conditioning theory of child development