India's Majestic Seven: The Largest Rivers

India's Majestic Seven: The Largest Rivers

The Ganges River - India's most sacred river, spanning 2,525 km, revered in Hinduism.

Godavari River - Second longest in India, flows 1,464 km through central India.

Krishna River - Stretching 1,400 km, a major source for irrigation and hydropower.

Yamuna River - A significant tributary of the Ganges, covering 1,376 km.

Narmada River - Flows westward for 1,312 km, forming a traditional boundary between North and South India.

Indus River - One of the longest rivers globally at 3,180 km, crucial to India's ecosystem.

Brahmaputra River - A major river in the Northeast, 2,900 km long, known for its ferocity.