QuestionsCategory: Childhood and Growing UpWhat are the psychological factors that influence child development?
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  1. Interests and Talents: A child having different interests would be driven towards following the particular path due to the interest he or she has in different areas. These chosen paths put an impact on the growth and development of an individual. For example, choosing art as a career.
  2. Motivation: Motivation is one factor that puts an impact on the growth and development of a child. This motivation can be self-driven or can be from an outer source. For example, motivation to study in the schooling time.
  3. Lack of Confidence: Some children have a lack of confidence which determines the mental growth and mental development of a child. This can resist them to build social relationships with others making it put an impact on their mental development.
  4. Effects of Conflicts: A child’s growth and development can get adversely affected by the conflicts that occurred at home, bullying at school or other social conflicts in society.
  5. Intellectual Level of Cognitive Abilities: Intellect levels surely impacts academic performances and the will to learn more which can bring about various growth and developmental hindrances. This can be affected by the individual difference.
  6. Parent-Child Relationship: The relationship a child holds with his or her parents certainly builds the foundation of psychological strength as a child may feel mentally confident to take any decision which determines psychological growth and development.
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