QuestionsCategory: Educational StudiesWhat are the aims of education according to the Indian Education Commission, 1964? What are the objectives suggested by the education commission of 1964 66?
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The aims of the Indian Education commission, 1964 were as follows:
  1. i. Make education compulsory and free from 6 to 14 years of age for every child.
    ii. Give recommendations to bring improvement in the Indian education system.
  2. iii. Following a certain pattern of education and including all aspects for development.
    iv. Provide policies and principles for development of the educational system.
  3. v. Make education career based to help individuals be prepared for the future.
  4. vi. Do proper research to make the quality of the educational system better.
  5. vii. Find out what are the limitations in the Indian education system and provide suggestions on improving it.
  6. viii. Help in the character formulation of children and giving importance to national education.
  7. xi. Make education equal at all levels and in every province.
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