How is knowledge constructed through social interaction?

QuestionsCategory: Learning and TeachingHow is knowledge constructed through social interaction?
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Social interaction helps in the process of knowledge construction in the following ways:
  1. Conflict Resolution: In a classroom environment, conflicts between learners are inevitable. Social mediation by the instructor is helpful because it helps resolve these conflicts.
  2. Promotes Harmony: A classroom where learners are constantly fighting one another is unhealthy. A proper classroom is characterized by peace and harmony which is promoted  by social mediation so that construction of knowledge can occur.
  3. Encourages Mutual Respect: Mutual respect is important among learners. Teachers need to mediate and encourage learners to develop respect for another and foster knowledge construction.
  4. Encourages Diversity: Educational institutions are becoming diverse and this leads instructors to mediate and encourage learners to appreciate people from every community. This provides room for better construction of knowledge.
  5. Reduces Discrimination: When there is diversity, discrimination can occur in the classroom which can be avoided through social mediation by the teacher. It encourages the enhancement of knowledge construction.
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