QuestionsCategory: Learning and TeachingElaborate the role of the teacher as a negotiator in resolving conflicts and managing different situations
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Negotiation is one of the most essential skills an instructor needs to have when managing a class. Since teachers and learners belong to different generations, it is important to prevent a communication gap so that a relationship of respect and understanding can be formed between the instructor and the learners. The skill of negotiation can enable teachers to create a motivational environment for students to learn. Negotiation is a skill every teacher must possess because having a good relationship with the parents of the learners is important. It can help teachers to resolve conflicts with parents if any. As a teacher, one has to face a wide variety of situations and learners may have different demands. Having the skill of negotiation allows teachers to manage these situations effectively.   Read Full Lesson: The Role of the Teacher as a Negotiator in Teaching-Learning Process