Describe the different learning styles?

QuestionsCategory: Childhood and Growing UpDescribe the different learning styles?
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The four different learning styles are as follows:
  1. Visual learning: Visual learning refers to learning through visual aids such as symbols, charts, diagrams, arrows, and the like. Visual learners acquire and retain knowledge better through visual depiction.
  2. Auditory learning: Auditory learning refers to learning that takes place through listening. Auditory learners, also called aural learners, learn best when they acquire information vocally.
  3. Reading and Writing: Reading and writing learners learn best when they are presented with information through texts and written sources. These learners love taking notes.
  4. Kinesthetic learning: Kinesthetic learners learn best when they get hands-on experience and knowledge. They are physically active and therefore, tend to perform better in scientific studies in which a lot of lab work is involved.