What is the Relationship and Difference Between Language and Society B.Ed Notes?

A language is an essential tool for communication purposes. It is used for promoting peace and order in society. It is used for displaying authority and power, and for the obtainment of goals and objectives. However, language can also be destructive to society if it is used inappropriately. Language must be used following the conformity that governs the society so that conflicts can be avoided and the boundary of individual differences can be met.

Relationship Between Language and Society

The connection between language and society is deeply rooted. Language is used to perform various functions in society and society uses it in the same manner. The inexistence of both will have an impact on one another.

Language is crucial for social interaction in every society regardless of location and period. Language and society have a reciprocal relationship because language shapes society and social interactions shape language. A language is a tool for interaction that humans use to communicate with other humans. Therefore, language cannot be separated from society. Through language, human beings can relate and interact with others and create communication in the community.

Difference Between Language and Society

The differences between language and society are as follows:

  1. A language is a tool that humans use to communicate with one another whereas society is a community in which people live together.
  2. Language is used by human beings to communicate emotions and desires whereas society is an organized group of people.
  3. Language consists of symbols, signs, sounds, gestures, and the like whereas society consists of people united through religious beliefs, political views, cultural practices, and the like.
  4. Language can exist in the spoken form and the written form whereas society is the aggregate of people who live together in a community.
  5. When language influences society, it is referred to as the sociology of language whereas the influence of society on language is known as sociolinguistics.

Language is the main means of human communication and building relations. The first step towards creating a society is through communication. To communicate, a common language is needed. In the absence of language, human beings cannot relate to and understand each other. Through communication, relationships are built, families are built, and the community grows into a bigger society and nation. Hence, language is essential for society and vice versa.

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